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How to choose sweeping robot lidar

The laser navigation sweeping and mopping robot is still unstoppable in its fourth year in the market cleaning market. So, how should the sweeping robot's laser radar choose?

1. Look at performance

For sweeping robots, the performance of lidar determines the accuracy of map information collection for clean scenes, and the accuracy of capturing environmental details will affect the sweeper’s ability to avoid obstacles and the coverage of path planning. Generally speaking, sweeping The performance of the robot lidar mainly depends on the sampling rate (the number of captured information points, also known as the number of output point clouds), the refresh rate (the speed, which generally affects the sweeper’s ability to detect sudden intrusions), and accuracy (the accuracy of the map) In terms of reliability and credibility), signal strength (the ability to detect low-reflection materials), and other aspects, a high-performance lidar can add to the operation and performance of the sweeping robot, and solve the pain points of users to gain the hearts of consumers. The current sweeper market is dominated by laser navigation sweepers such as Cobos, Xiaomi, Midea, Yunjing, etc. In the laser radar application, the mainstream EAI laser radar solution is adopted.

2. Look at the size:laser navigation sweeping and mopping robot

Since its inception, the laser navigation sweeping robot has attracted many fans with its small and exquisite sense of technology and design beauty. A small-sized lidar will undoubtedly add color to it. The small-sized lidar has changed from the large-sized and bulky. The impression provides more options for the design of the space structure of the sweeper. Take the mainstream sweeper lidar YDLIDAR lidar as an example. Its size has been optimized to 60*47*96mm, which is the small-sized representative of consumer-grade rotary lidar in the current global market.

3. Look at the quality

For commercial products, product stability is undoubtedly the most critical indicator for the commercialization of their products. An unstable product will not only affect the consumer experience, but also affect the market evaluation of batch products, which leads to Negative information about the brand. The control of product quality will determine the reputation of the sweeper product in the market. For brand customers, choosing a stable product is easier to control than the risk of trying a new product.

laser navigation sweeping and mopping robot

4. Look at production capacity

No matter how good the product is sold, the production capacity of product parts cannot keep up, which will also affect the development of the market. The consideration of a company's supply will affect the rate at which merchandise is marketed or started. Many brands are good at marketing. After advertising and marketing are done, the output cannot keep up, the output ratio is seriously inconsistent, and the profit is naturally reduced. At present, most domestic lidar manufacturers do not have mass production capabilities, so they have not improved their own production lines. Brand customers must carefully consider when choosing.

5. Look at the after-sales

Because the lidar process is slightly more complicated, and the raw materials are also of uneven quality, the lidar sensor will inevitably have some defects in the batch. For brand customers, the most important thing is to pick out these defective products and solve the adverse effects caused by many defective products. If there is a problem, you must have an attitude of actively solving the problem. Good customer care is the basis of trust for both parties to move towards long-term cooperation.

The team of Guangdong Anjiu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing overall technical solutions for intelligent sweeping robots for well-known brands such as Haier for many years. The team has accumulated a good reputation in the industry; technical strength and development capabilities have been recognized by many international brands and live in smart The forefront of AI development. For more information about laser navigation sweeping and mopping robots, please follow Anjiu Information.


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