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What should I pay attention to when purchasing visual navigation robot for sweeping and mopping floors?

1. The floor brushing method of the Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot:

Differences: main brush, no main brush, unilateral brush, bilateral brush.

Personally recommend choosing the main brush.

In addition to the roller-shaped main brush, the difference is that there are double-sided brushes/single-sided brushes.

Advantages of double-sided brushes: when cleaning, it has a better cleaning effect;

Disadvantages of double-side brushing: large output and a little electricity. When encountering debris such as wires, some sweeping robots are easily entangled.

Advantages of the single-sided brush: When the cable is entangled, the single-sided brush is easy to get out of the trap;

Disadvantages of single-sided brushing: When cleaning, it is easy to "drive" garbage to one side, and occasionally there are fish that slip through the net.

Single or double swipe to choose according to your needs.

2. Algorithm & route planning:

The algorithm largely determines whether the robot is intelligent or "mentally retarded." Different brands have their own set of robot algorithms. Generally speaking, the current mainstream brand sweeping robots are still sufficient, with high sweeping efficiency, good cleaning effects, and a good recharging experience.

Regarding route planning, general robots have their own calculation paths. According to algorithms of different brands, the cleaning routes of each robot are slightly different.

Robots below 1,000 yuan are almost random, without the function of building a map. They work through the built-in cleaning mode and cannot achieve comprehensive cleaning; I have used a cheap sweeper, which determines the route entirely by random rebound, like a Huge marbles ran around the house, doing nothing.

High-priced Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot are generally planned. They can build a cleaning map through precise positioning through a positioning and navigation system. You can also set up a virtual wall to distinguish whether the area needs to be cleaned. It scans wherever you want it to.

Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot

3. Navigation method:

At present, the mainstream is laser navigation and visual navigation.

The advantages of laser navigation are: faster and more accurate positioning, higher cost, and more mature technology;

The disadvantages of laser navigation are: the viewing angle is small, the body is a bit higher than the visual navigation, and the obstacle avoidance effect is not good.

The advantages of visual navigation are: low cost, lighter and thinner, and highly advantageous;

The disadvantage of visual navigation is that it depends on camera positioning and requires indoor brightness. The navigation performance depends more on the maturity of the algorithm.

My personal opinion is not necessarily right: as long as the place to be scanned can be scanned, the actual effect of actual use will not be particularly different. After all, do you always go again?

4. Obstacle avoidance & obstacle crossing function:

Obstacle avoidance & obstacle crossing is one of the most easily overlooked points of sweeping robots.

Simply put, it is the ability to climb over different heights. For example, there is a height between the blanket and the floor at home. If the obstacle ability is poor, you may not be able to go over the blanket and clean the blanket.

There may also be thresholds and rails for the living room and kitchen, and thresholds for the living room and balcony. The cleaner that has the stronger ability to overcome obstacles, the better, saving a lot of moving costs.

Some models have an obstacle-climbing ability of about 2cm, and the threshold drop can basically be crossed.

General mainstream sweeping robots are equipped with infrared sensor sensors, which can reduce collisions when they are close to furniture. Soft obstacles similar to some curtains, sofa covers, etc. can also sense crossing;

5. Other factors to be considered:

(1) Smart ecology:

Does the APP support enough functions to support voice operation and the APP is convenient to use?

(2) Whether to set up a virtual wall:

Families who like to lay carpets and have baby play mats at home must choose the function of setting a virtual wall, which can mainly set some places that do not need to be cleaned.

(3) Whether to support multiple maps:

Duplex rooms and homes need to be considered for several floors.

Whether to support fall prevention:

There are stairs or large drops in the home that need to be considered.

(4) Noise:

Noise is inevitable. The suction is small and the noise is small, but the effect is too poor; you can pay attention to the noise when choosing. If you really mind, it is recommended that you turn on the sweeping robot regularly when you go to work, so that when you come back, the house is clean and you won’t hear noise.

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