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What is a 3D visual sweeping robot?

The 3D vision sweeping robot is the basic Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot product with a 3D vision navigation recognition system. Through the image sensor on the fuselage and the corresponding processor, under the blessing of the "intelligent brain", it can know where it is.

3D vision sweeping robot technology principle

"Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot that can avoid obstacles, food delivery robots that replace humans, etc." Perceptible and interactive robots are entering daily life and bringing new experiences. Behind the robot's humanization, it is inseparable from a mature application of core AI technology-3D vision technology.

There are three main solutions for 3D visual perception: structured light, binocular visible light and time of flight (ToF). The advantage of the structured light technology solution is that the depth image resolution can be made relatively high, and the lower hardware cost can be used to achieve or exceed the 3D camera effect of the TOF solution and the binocular solution, and the algorithm development is not too High, and with the upgrading of technology research and development, such as anti-light levels are also constantly improving. Collect comprehensive 3D information through the Obi Zhongguang 3D sensor camera, allowing the robot to fully recognize the physical characteristics of each object, and then improve the robot's AI application capabilities such as navigation, trajectory, and recognition.

Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot

The role of 3D vision sweeping robot

The role of 3D vision sweeping robot is mainly divided into four items: sweeping and mopping, obstacle avoidance, mapping, and human-computer interaction.

·Sweeping and mopping is realized through the traditional base structure. At present, some products only have the function of sweeping, but some integrated sweeping and mopping machines that have both sweeping and mopping have also gradually appeared in the market.

Obstacle avoidance requires sweeping robots to actively recognize their environment, avoid obstacles such as furniture, wires and even pet feces. The technology has evolved from traditional ultrasonic obstacle avoidance and infrared obstacle avoidance to 2D obstacle avoidance through deep learning. , 3D obstacle avoidance.

·The map building has experienced multiple stages from random cleaning, inertial navigation, laser navigation, monocular vision navigation, and binocular mapping navigation. The sweeping robot gradually learns to construct an environmental map during the cleaning process, knowing which places can pass and which There are obstacles blocking the place, where are the walls and doors.

·Human-machine interaction is the realization of instructions to the sweeping robot through voice, vision, gestures, etc.

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