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Technology continues to upgrade. Visual navigation technology makes sweeping robots more "IQ"

The emergence of intelligent Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot has allowed many "lazy cancer patients" to see a new way of life. Due to the accelerating pace of life of the current consumer population and the advancement of product technology, the sweeping robot market has continued to rise in recent years. However, for consumers, smart robots do not seem to be smart enough to "point and scan". But in the near future, we can see that some brands have enhanced the "sensory" of the sweeper.

Before cleaning, the sweeping robot needs to scan the indoor environment and draw a map according to the situation. The accuracy of the map will also affect the accuracy of the cleaning coverage to a certain extent. The robot wants to locate its position and plan the route of travel, and these behaviors are indispensable in its internal navigation system.

At the beginning of this year, we can see that more and more brands of sweeping robots have added visual navigation recognition systems to their products. Through the image sensor on the fuselage and the corresponding processor, with the support of the "smart brain", Easily understand where you are. When encountering obstacles, the sweeping robot can avoid it more perfectly without touching the obstacle.

Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot

Early robots had insufficient accuracy in navigation. Although they would also map indoor environments, they could not completely follow the navigation route. It could be said that they only relied on longer travel routes to cover more indoor areas.

In the 2019 spring new product launch conference, Tapol launched the first domestic vision navigation sweeping robot TS60. Cobos also exhibited the DG70 sweeping robot equipped with AIVI visual recognition technology at AWE 2019. Recently, the upgraded version of Xiaomi Mijia sweeping robot 1S also officially unveiled. This sweeping robot also adds visual sensors to enhance its ability to recognize indoor spaces.

In this era of "everything is wise", consumers have higher and higher "IQ requirements" for smart products. Especially products like sweeping robots that users can often see when working. From the perspective of this technological progress alone, sweeping robots will also usher in a new stage in the technological upgrading stage.

The team of Guangdong Anjiu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing overall technical solutions for intelligent sweeping robots for well-known brands such as Haier for many years. The team has accumulated a good reputation in the industry; technical strength and development capabilities have been recognized by many international brands and live in smart The forefront of AI development. For more information about the Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot, please follow Anjiu Information.


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