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How to purchase the robot for sweeping and mopping the floor with visual navigation

1. Analysis of the important functions of the Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot

When choosing a sweeping robot, I mainly look at several aspects.

1. Cleaning method:

The models currently on the market are divided into two groups: integrated sweep and mop and separate sweep and mop.

The integration of sweeping and mopping means that a robot is equipped with a water tank and a dust box at the same time, which can sweep or mop the floor. Switching between mopping and sweeping requires hands-on actions, such as installing/removing a mop and a mop holder.

Advantages: low overall cost, high cost performance. Suitable for "light pollution" families on the ground.

Disadvantages: Need to manually change and wash the mop, which does not realize true full-automatic, freeing users' hands. Most of the robots on the market that integrate sweeping and mopping have limited mopping effects. The floating dust can be handled, but it is difficult to remove stubborn stains.

The separation of sweeping and mopping refers to: one robot for sweeping the floor and one robot for mopping the floor, dedicated for special planes.

Advantages: The volume of the dust box and the water tank can be larger, the sweeping suction is stronger, and the mopping pressure is higher.

Disadvantages: The two robots take up more space, and the solution cost is relatively high.

If the home has a large indoor space and the budget is sufficient, you can consider the separation of sweeping and mopping; for ordinary families, more cost-effective, then the sweeping and mopping integrated robot is very suitable.

Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot

Bottom comparison of single drag, single sweep, sweep and drag integration

2. Suction power:

This is an intuitive data. Although it is said that the cleaning ability is completed by the entire cleaning system, it is not absolutely necessary to have a good cleaning effect if the suction is large. But as a basic data, it must meet the standard, the mainstream is between 1500~2500pa. Generally, you can buy it at around 2200pa. This kind of suction can easily clean up animal hair and dusty hair on the blanket.

3. Dust box/water tank capacity:

Decide the single working range of the Visual navigation sweeping and mopping robot. In theory, the larger the better. In actual use, it is tedious to clean the dust box and add water every day, so the larger the capacity, the better

Mainstream products can basically effectively clean an area of ​​about 100 square meters, basically covering what the family needs.

4. Body height:

This is very important, and it is easy to overlook.

It determines whether the sweeping robot can effectively clean the floor under the sofa or bed. The height of the sweeping robot should be lower than the height of these edges.

Generally speaking, the height of visual navigation products is low, and the laser transmitter of laser navigation products is a bit higher. If the bottom space of the furniture at home is mostly short, you can focus on choosing a thin and light model.

5. Battery life & charging:

The endurance time determines the single working time of the sweeping robot. In theory, the larger the better.

The battery capacity of sweeping robots on the market is generally more than 3000mah, and they can perform daily cleaning for 30 to 40 minutes. The standard mode of the flagship model of the head brand can last for more than 2 hours and clean an area of ​​more than 100-200 square meters. A single charge is enough for general household use.

Regarding charging, most of the sweeping robots on the market are automatically recharged. That is, when the sweeping robot completes the cleaning task, it automatically returns to the charging device for charging, and does not need to be moved manually.

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