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A smart sweeping robot scheme based on gyroscope navigation

With the improvement of people's living standards, intelligent sweeper robots have entered thousands of homes, freeing people's hands. The Gyro navigation sweeping robot system is a complex system. Usually, an intelligent sweeping robot is composed of a mobile system, a sensing system, a control system, a cleaning system, a navigation system, and a power supply system.

With the development of computer technology, artificial intelligence technology, sensor technology and mobile robot technology, many intelligent systems have begun to be used in the development of sweeping machine solutions. After the appearance of micromechanical gyroscopes, gyroscope technology has matured day by day, and the cost has been greatly reduced.

A gyroscope is an instrument that can determine the orientation of a moving object, and provides accurate signals, control, and orientation support such as orientation, level, position, speed, and acceleration, as needed. It is widely used in the automatic control of ships and aircrafts, navigation systems, navigation navigation, automotive biology, environmental monitoring, smart phones, and smart home industries.

The gyroscope navigation intelligent sweeping robot has the following advantages:

1) Path planning

2) Bow word cleaning

3) Memory route

4) Control travel speed

5) Intelligent trap

6) Indoor navigation and positioning

Gyro navigation sweeping robot

1. Mobile system

The mobile system is the main body of the intelligent sweeping robot. It controls the forward, backward, and rotating functions of the robot and is the "thigh" of the robot. The household sweeping robot adopts a wheeled structure, and the movement of the robot is controlled by two rear wheels. The rear wheel is equipped with a shock absorption mechanism, which allows the robot to walk on the ground in a complex home environment, and helps the sweeping robot climb slopes and overcome obstacles.

2. Perception system

The sensing system includes infrared ranging module, ultrasonic ranging module, obstacle avoidance module, cliff sensor, pick-up sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc. The sensing module can feel the changes in the surrounding environment and analyze the location and direction of obstacles. , The principle of ultrasonic distance measurement is to transmit ultrasonic pulses in the forward direction and receive the corresponding return sound pulses. Through the propagation speed of sound waves, calculate the distance of obstacles. Through MCU, or DSP as the core controller, realize the The sending and receiving of ultrasonic waves are controlled, and the distance and position of obstacles are calculated based on the processing of the return pulse signal. The principle of infrared ranging is that the MCU controls the infrared tube to emit infrared signals, and receives infrared information through the receiving tube. According to the receiving intensity of the infrared signal, the position of the obstacle is calculated according to the triangulation method.

3. Cleaning the system,

The cleaning system includes the side brush, the middle sweep, the dust collection system, and the dust collection of the device. The side brush and the rolling brush are respectively controlled by motors, which are called side brush motors, middle sweep motors, and brushless motors for the dust collection system. The rotation speed of the brushless motor can reach 10,000 rpm. Through high-speed rotation, the fan blades are driven to form a vacuum effect in the cavity to achieve the effect of sucking garbage. The sucked garbage is placed in the garbage box.

4. Control system

The control system calculates the position of obstacles through infrared or ultrasonic by controlling the sensing system, calculates the optimal path, drives the rear wheel motor, and controls the movement of the machine. At the same time, the controller's own cleaning device cleans the ground. And control the Gyro navigation sweeping robot to automatically dock and recharge when the voltage is low.

5. Power system

The power system includes battery power supply and charging system. The sweeping robot is powered by a power battery and requires a special battery charging algorithm to protect the battery and avoid overheating that may endanger personal safety.

6. Navigation system

SLAM: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping:

Instant positioning and map construction means that the robot creates a map in a completely unknown environment when its position is uncertain, and at the same time uses the map for autonomous positioning and navigation.

The SLAM problem can be described as: The robot starts to move from an unknown location in an unknown environment, and uses its own sensors to identify road signs with unknown features according to the location estimation during the movement, incrementally builds an environmental navigation map, and uses the established map to refresh simultaneously Own position.

The team of Guangdong Anjiu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing overall technical solutions for intelligent sweeping robots for well-known brands such as Haier for many years. The team has accumulated a good reputation in the industry; technical strength and development capabilities have been recognized by many international brands and live in smart The forefront of AI development. For more information about the Gyro navigation sweeping robot, please follow Anjiu Information.


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