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What are some good gyroscope navigation solutions for sweeping robots?

The team of Guangdong Anjiu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing overall technical solutions for intelligent Gyro navigation sweeping robot for well-known brands such as Haier for many years. The team has accumulated a good reputation in the industry; technical strength and development capabilities have been recognized by many international brands and live in smart The forefront of AI development. Here is an introduction to the gyro navigation solution of the intelligent sweeping robot developed by Anjiu. You can learn more:

The solution supports the exchange of suction nozzles and brushes, electronically controlled water discharge, multi-level water volume adjustment, remote App control, real-time map transmission, 6 appointments, water tank dust box identification, virtual wall and other functions. It is mainly used for mid-to-high-end sweepers and is a planned flagship. Walking volume models.

1. Gyro navigation sweeping robot advantages:

(1) High coverage rate (98.13%)

(2) Efficient recharge (≥98%)

(3) APP online firmware upgrade

(4) Real-time map transmission

(5) Remote control, 6 appointments, automatic cleaning

(6) Safe and stable electrical performance

(7) Guaranteed quality and high reliability

(8) Waterproof, fireproof, anti-seismic, flame-retardant, environmental protection

Gyro navigation sweeping robot

2. Technical support:

(1) Gyro path planning technology, UMOUSE core algorithm

(2) Infrared sensing technology, automatic recharging technology

(3) APP intelligent technology

(4) Overcurrent, overvoltage, surge protection, electromotive force isolation

(5) EMC protection, power reverse connection protection, anti-static protection

(6) Full-chip components, rubber three-proof paint, socket over glow wire test

(7) Fireproof board, flame retardant grade FV0, RoHS environmental protection standard

3. Solve the problem:

(1) Cleaning efficiency, missed cleaning

(2) Automation

(3) Smart upgrade, getting smarter

(4) Product safety

(5) Product quality

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