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What are the advantages of gyro navigation for intelligent sweeping robots?

The inertial navigation system uses inertial elements (accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope) to measure the acceleration and angular velocity of the carrier according to the principle of inertia, and obtain the navigation parameters of the carrier after a series of calculations, so as to achieve the purpose of navigation and positioning of the carrier. Inertial navigation systems are used in a variety of sports equipment, including aircraft, submarines, space shuttles and other transportation vehicles and missiles, but the cost and complexity have long limited the occasions where it can be applied.

A gyroscope is an instrument that can determine the orientation of a moving object, and provides accurate signals, control, and orientation support such as orientation, level, position, speed, and acceleration, as needed. It is widely used in the automatic control of ships and aircrafts, navigation systems, navigation navigation, automotive biology, environmental monitoring, smart phones, and smart home industries.

1. Advantages of gyroscope navigation

The gyroscope navigation intelligent Gyro navigation sweeping robot has the following advantages:

1. Path planning

2. Bow word cleaning

3. Memory route

4. Control travel speed

5. Intelligent trap

6. Indoor positioning and navigation

Gyro navigation sweeping robot

2. Gyro navigation of intelligent Gyro navigation sweeping robot

Gyroscope map navigation technology is a technology that uses inertial elements to perform calculations through a microchip processor, integrates data such as high-precision gyroscopes and accelerometer code discs, and performs inertial navigation during movement to establish a map.

The gyroscope map navigation technology of Guangdong Anjiu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics:

The product has a built-in 32-bit high-performance embedded processor, high-precision gyroscope, and realizes the gyroscope's whole-house navigation function.

Intelligent navigation algorithm, without manual intervention, one-key boot, automatically scan the room and build indoor map during the cleaning process.
The machine itself stores the map in real time.

Realize function:

Gyroscope map navigation, real-time map creation during the cleaning movement.

Bow-shaped cleaning, 90°turning and U-turn, efficient coverage.

Planned cleaning, high efficiency, no repetition, no longer blindly repeat cleaning.

Store maps, record cleaning routes, uncleaned areas, and automatically navigate to the cleaned area to avoid missing or repeated cleaning.low cost. The cost is much lower than laser guidance and camera navigation.

Smart recharge. Low-voltage automatic navigation back to the charging pile, and automatically return to the charging pile through infrared docking.

The team of Guangdong Anjiu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing overall technical solutions for intelligent sweeping robots for well-known brands such as Haier for many years. The team has accumulated a good reputation in the industry; technical strength and development capabilities have been recognized by many international brands and live in smart The forefront of AI development. For more information about the Gyro navigation sweeping robot, please follow Anjiu Information.


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